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Sustainability Bundle

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Save BIG with this bundle!

This takes the guess-work out of your earth-friendly cleaning routine. With this set of supplies, you'll also receive our recipes and suggestions on how to best put these products to use.

Included in this bundle: 

1. Upcycled All Purpose Wipes - with recipe on lid for re-creation.

2. Creamy Household Cleanser - with recipe on lid for re-creation.

3. A set of wool dryer balls.

4. A glass spray bottle of perfectly diluted Thieves Household Cleaner

5. Our Purifying Aroma Spritz + an upcycled aroma spritz bottle with a bit of witch hazel. To this bottle, you'll add distilled water and essential oils you love, to concoct a room spray of your choice. The witch hazel helps disperse the oil in the water. Check our small collection of Aroma Spritzers for some inspiration. 

6. A 5 ml bottle of Lemon Essential Oil, our favorite cleaning product addition & a 5 ml bottle of our Upcycled Wipes Refill Blend

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