New Shop Experience

I'm so glad you're here visiting our brand new look. It was high time for a shop update. I hesitate with change, but I know it's healthy, easier to navigate, and less fluff. Although, a big part of me loves fluff and the easy accessibility to memories. I know the primary reason you're here is to load up on safe body care and cleaning options for you and your family/friends. I hope this process is simple for you.

I want to connect with you. Please reach out if you're working on something specific, in your wellness routine. Maybe you want to start making your own cleaning supplies. Maybe you want to use a safe pit product. Maybe you want to reduce the time your dryer runs everyday. Let's chat about body care options, herbs, oils, and/or making some earth-friendly shifts in our world. 

I look forward to hearing from you and I would love any feedback you have to offer on our new shop experience.