Pit Stick PSA

If you are going to, or already use our Pit Stick, Glitter Pit Stick, or the new Shimmer Pit Stick please consider this your PSA. Also, congratulations you're using a safe product on your body! We think, whatever your body product preferences may be, you'll benefit from reading this when transitioning to a natural product, whether it is our product or not.

I've had a lot of feedback over the past year, which I really appreciate, so thank you. When you make your own products, and sell them, as many of you know, there can be some curve-balls thrown your way.

I can say with the utmost confidence that our Pit Sticks work and they keep you from stankin'.

The Curveballs...

  • At room temperature your Pit Stick should definitely be in a solid form. We use beeswax to make sure this happens. If you are feeling like your deodorant is too solid, simply hold it in your armpit for 10 seconds before your make your swipe (or two). Don't rip out your armpit hair friends.
  • Our product is made with baking soda, and some people are sensitive to baking soda, myself included. I can only use deodorant occasionally.  When I know I'm gonna need it, I use it! In the Rainbow Lab we're working on concocting a pit stick that uses less or no baking soda. 'Sensitive pit' people stay posted.
  • Our Pit Stick has been accused of staining a shirt, or maybe a few. You can prevent this from happening, very easily. First off, you don't need to slather yourself in Pit Stick just because it is natural. A swipe or two in your pit will do the trick. And, if you can wait for a few minutes before putting your shirt on after application, you're better off yet. Keep your pits and your wardrobe happy.
  • If you are a Glitter Pit Stick user, please note that it is probably best if you wipe that initial bit of glitter from the top of your stick before applying, after purchase. I know, I know, the glitter is chunky, maybe you'd rather have our Shimmer? Again, no need to load your pits, just a swipe or two will do ya, and maybe not the back and forth application if you are glitter-sensitive. If you don't care for the glitter size or feel like that big glitter is harming your armpits, please choose our regular Pit Stick or the Shimmer Pit Stick alternatives.


  • Some of you are nursing Mamas and may be a bit sensitive to Peppermint oil in your product, just order our Peppermint free option, it'll still do the job, and won't hork up your milk supply.

If you love our Pit Stick, maybe you'd like to have one shipped to you regularly? Do you want your fresh Pit Stick monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly? If you choose these options, you'll save a smidge and your safe pit product will magically appear in your mailbox, shortly after the first of each new month.

Pit Frequency
Pit Preference


We love you all, and we really care about your pits, so please keep the feedback coming and we'll keep morphing our products. We're making alternatives until we get each of your pits happily covered in rainbows. xo


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